name of sponsor rewards price
imAngler *imAngler pro rod

*imAngler standard rod

*imAngler standard reel

*imAngler T-Shirt

*20 shiny




TopTackle *TopTackle pro rod

*TopTackle standard rod

*TopTackle standard reel

*TopTackle backpack

*30 shiny




Natural Motion Lures *Bucktails






HotRod *HotRod pro rod

*HotRod standard rod

*HotRod standard reel

*HotRod fishfiner

*40 shiny




SonarMAX *SonarMAX Pro Fishfinder

*SonarMAX FIshfinder

*SonarMAX Fishing Chair


*10 shiny




FishTek *FishTek Pro Rod

*FishTek Standard Rod

*FishTek Standard Reel

*Walking Lure

*50 shiny




DeepBlu *U-Heavy DeepBlu Rod

*U-Heavy DeepBlue Reel



MonsterFish *MonsterFish Heavy Rod

*MonsterFish Heavy Reel



ReelPro *Ultimate ReelPro Rod

*ReelPro Ultimate Reel

*ReelPro Reel

*ReelPro Rod

*100 shiny

*100 shiny



The list is full and correct, table view has been fixed.

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