you get fishstocks by collecting coins from the different buildings which are placed in lakes/ponds/sea. in addition to that you have to add and breed(requieres fish farm) the fish in the relevant pond/lake/sea. to add a fish you either have to pay shiny or coins or add the relevant fish with the hard roe.

Fish Breeding Value

they are an exelent source of good and easy money

Fish stock Price
Blue Marlin  35.000
Arapaima  30.000
Great White Shark  29.000
Black Marlin  25.000
Bluefin Tuna  25.000
Tarpon  25.000
Yellowfin Tuna  17.000
Alligator Gar  15.000
Cobia  14.000
Striped Catfish  13.000
Barracuda  12.000
Pacu  12.000
Sailfish  12.000
Giant Stingray  11.000
Bonefish  10.000
Red Tail Catfish  10.000
Skipack Tuna  10.000
Snook  10.000
Striped Bass  10.000
Muskie  9.000
Peacock Bass  8.000
Red Snapper  8.000
Siamese Carp  8.000
Barbel  7.000
Barramundi  7.000
Bighead Carp  7.000
Common Carp  7.000
Salmon  7.000
Sturgeon  7.000
Catfish  6.000
Dorado  6.000
Northern Pike  6.000
Giant Snakehead  5.000
Largemouth Bass  4.000
Smallmouth Bass  3.000
Tench  3.000
Whitefish  3.000
Walleye  2.500
Black Crappie  2.000
Chub  2.000
Rainbow Trout  2.000
White Crappie  2.000
Perch  1.000
Roach  1.000

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