Collection Attraction
Small fish collection Roach Perch Black Crappie White Crappie 10
Medium fish collection Rainbow Trout Whitefish Common Bream 10
River fish collection Chub Tench Barbel Common Carp 20
Bass collection Largemouth Bass Peacock Bass Smallmouth Bass Striped Bass 15
Pike collection Walleye Northern Pike Muskie Alligator Gar 30
Strong fish collection Sturgeon Catfish Bighead Carp Barramundi 40
Saltwater fish collection Mackerel Red Snapper Snook Grouper 30
Sportfish collection Bonefish Dorado Sailfish Tarpon 70
Deep sea collection Barracuda Cobia Wahoo 70
Sharks collection Bull Shark Tiger Shark Great White Hammerhead Shark 100
Tuna collection Skipjack Tuna Yellowfin Tuna Bluefin Tuna 100
Marlin collection White Marlin Black Marlin Blue Marlin 150
Tropical fish collection Giant Snakehead Pacu Redtail Catfish Striped Catfish 40
Rare fish collection Mekong Catfish Siamese Carp Giant Stingray Arapaima 80
Congo fish collection Lung Fish Goliath Tiger Fish Nile Perch Vundu 120
Alaska fish collection Halibut Arctic Char Cod Arctic Grayling 40
Salmon collection Salmon Chinook Salmon Coho Salmon 20
Amazon fish collection Black Piranha Payara Piraiba Golden Dorado 60

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